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September 16 & 17, 2017, Freedom Rally

Come see us at the 2017 Boston Freedom Rally this weekend.  We’ll have a booth at the Education Village and are hosting a panel on home growing basics at Tent 3 at 5:00 Saturday.  Check out the Home Growing Basics Panel Summary here.

Our sister company, the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network (C3RN), will have a panel at 4:00 PM Sunday on the main stage focusing on the science of Cannabis and creating a Center of Excellence for Cannabis Research in Massachusetts.

September 21 2017 – Home Grown Boston

No link available yet.


September 30,  2017

RB Harvest “Buds” BYOC will feature local vendors and home growers, live music, games, food trucks with tasty treats, raffles, door prizes, vendor giveaways and much more!

October 2017 – New England Cannabis Conventions

NECANN Portland and RI in October. The Largest, Longest Running Cannabis Industry Events in the Northeast



August 4, 2017 – Awear First Fridays

If you’re in the Portland, Maine area this Friday, come check out Awear First Fridays.  We’ll be there selling SoHum Living Soil.and getting to know the Main grower community.

July 15 & 16 2017 – CannaCan Boston

Come check us out at CannaCon Boston this weekend, We’ll be selling SoHum Living Soil.  We’ll be in Booth 53, right across from the guys from Mr. Butterworths and Advanced Nutrients.


August 18, 2017 – New Hampshire Freedom Rally

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts forced us to miss the Freedom Rally, but thankfully our friends at Crucial ( will be giving out SoHum swag bags with a sample of SoHum.  Big thanks to Mathew Kipp for representing!


August 9, 2017 – Boston Home Grown

Looking forward to meeting everyone from Boston Home Grown this Thursday at the Inner Sactum!


SoHum Living Soils, winner of the 2017 Hight Times STASH award for Best Potting Soil.